Nexigen Digital And CloudLinux Partner To Provide A More Stable And Efficient Hosting Platform

CloudLinux OS currently runs over 20 million websites and is a leading choice of operating system for shared hosting providers. Designed uniquely for shared environments, CloudLinux OS excels in improving performance, stability, security and server density.

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CloudLinux OS separates each customer into a Lightweight Virtualized Environment, which partitions and allocates services, resulting in an environment which feels closer to a virtual private server than shared hosting. By partitioning and allocating resources, tenants cannot jeopardise server stability, mitigating the risk of all sites slowing down on a given server.

Along with CloudLinux OS, CloudLinux also offers Imunify360, a six-layer security solution that protects web servers from digital attacks and KernalCare, which automates kernel security patches without the need to reboot servers.

Nexigen Digital’s Partnership With CloudLinux

CloudLinux’ partnership with Nexigen Digital has been a significant factor in being able to consistently deliver high performance and reliable hosting to Australian wide customers. CloudLinux OS has specifically helped Nexigen Digital keep rebooting to a minimum, reduce performance related tickets and improve server resource utilisation.

Palo Alto, California, United States