Our team includes some of the best thought machines in the business.

  • Cheyne Jonstone
    Co-founder & Co-CEO
  • people angelo g
    Angelo Giuffrida
    Co-founder & Co-CEO
  • people dan
    Daniel Foenander
    Director of Operations
  • people danni t
    Danniella Triantafillou
    Executive Assistant
  • people zach
    Zach de Koning
    Head of Software Engineering
  • people michael
    Michael Price
    Head of Business and Strategy
  • our people bradley
    Bradley Silverman
    Head of Infrastructure
  • our people shorty
    Shorty Izzedeen
    Head of Partnerships
  • people jarrod
    Jarrod O'Sullivan
    Head of Product
  • Matt Ginger
    Head of Customer Service
  • our people angela
    Angela Stevens
    Head of Finance & Human Resources