The chain of superior support starts here.
We strive to create a unique, engaging work environment that fosters creativity, loyalty and long-term commitment of our employees to the company thus makes our customers happy.We can only inspire others if we are inspired by what we do. Our company culture is geared to creating a work environment that allows our employees to develop their ideas and fulfill their passion for creating great products.
Our purpose is to connect businesses with their customers and uphold the highest standard of service and support.
The Nexigen Digital story began in 2008 when VentraIP Australia was founded in Melbourne, Australia. The idea for VentraIP Australia began when it was seen there was an opportunity to provide high-quality digital services right here in Australia.
Humble beginnings
It all began in 2008 directly from our Executive Chairman Cheyne Jonstone’s spare bedroom. Cheyne and Angelo Giuffrida (CEO) had one mission. That mission was - and still is - to provide local Aussies with a solution to connect with their customers through a variety of online technologies.
The early days
We weren’t always the powerhouse of industry leading service and technology that we are now, there was a time when phone lines closed after 5:00, and the entire team could fit in a minivan.
Massive growth
VentraIP’s customer base grew, and with that, so did Nexigen Digital. Our office expanded to include more amenities for our budding team. Two new brands were created - Synergy Wholesale and Zuver - to fill some customer needs that were identified throughout the journey so far. Despite this growth our founding principle to provide unparalleled support has never diminished.
...And here we are today
With many Australian hosting providers being snapped up by large multinationals, Nexigen Digital is more than ever dedicated to keeping things 100% Australian owned and operated.
Our Technology
Data Center
All of our technical equipment is securely housed in ASX-listed NEXTDC data centres in Sydney and Melbourne.
As one of the founding customers of NEXTDC we participated in planning phase to provide feedback on ideas, policies and procedures, as well as test various components that make NEXTDC unique.
NEXTDC data centres feature:
UTI Tier III certification
ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications
4.5 NABERS rating (M1)
100% availability agreement and N+1 redundancy on power, cooling and critical systems
Multi-layered authentication systems including bio-metric fingerprint and anti-cloning identification cards to prevent any unauthorised access.
Inert gas fire suppression systems
24/7 onsite security staff and extensive CCTV network