Acronis is keeping Nexigen Digital's Data Secure

Acronis is a leader in the field of cloud storage and cyber protection through its backup, disaster recovery, anti-ransomware, storage, and enterprise-grade file sync and share solutions.

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With a platform that’s not only flexible but exceptionally scalable, Acronis enables both individuals and enterprises alike to better protect and retrieve their invaluable data when it’s needed most.  Acronis has embraced emerging Blockchain and AI technologies and has over 300 engineers dedicated to working within R&D to help ensure that they stay at the forefront of data protection in the digital age.

Founded in 2003, Acronis now boasts over 1000 employees who support 500,000 businesses and more than 5 million individual customers.

Key Benefits of Acronis

  • Complete data availability
  • Full data protection
  • Fast backups

Nexigen Digital’s Partnership With Acronis

It was important that Nexigen Digital partnered with a company that could not only offer complete protection of our customers data but also handles the unique requirements of a large and complex network; that’s why we chose Acronis as our backup solutions provider.

Acronis Backup has helped mitigate the risk of our customers losing their valuable data, giving them peace of mind that it’s ready to be retrieved at just a single click of a button the moment it’s required.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Since 2018