.SO domains are unrestricted, anybody can register them!

The .so Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) is that of The Republic of Somalia.

Website URL sonic.so

 The .so domain name space has been controlled by the Somalian Ministry of Information, Post and Telecommunications (MIPT) since 2009. On April 1st 2011 the .so ccTLD became available for public purchase. One of the primary benefits of the .so extension is there are no restrictions on who can register such domains and as such it allows perfect freedom of domain name choice.

.so domain registrations, like .me, are becoming increasingly popular across the internet. This domain extension can be used for catchy names such as makeit.so, and not just in English, provided you’re using latin characters you can use it for catchy names in other languages as well!

.SO Accreditation

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Mogadishu - Somalia
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