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Posted: 13th August 2020
Company News

Introducing Nexigen Digital

Nexigen Digital has been announced as the new group name for Australia’s largest privately owned brands of online service providers – including VentraIP Australia, Synergy Wholesale and Zuver Hosting and Domains.

The group – which intends to add more brands to its portfolio – will progressively diversify its service offerings, streamline internal policies and processes to deliver a seamless experience, and monetise its vast library of intellectual property through a number of targeted software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

Mr. Cheyne Jonstone, current Executive Chairman and Mr. Angelo Giuffrida, current Chief Executive Officer, will become co-CEOs of the group, with Mr. Jonstone overseeing sales and marketing and Mr. Giuffrida focussing on operations and compliance. Mr. Daniel Foenander will remain as Chief Operating Officer, and a search is currently underway for a Financial Controller.

Improvements in customer service and experience has been a major focus of the group in the past year, with the appointment of a new Customer Service Manager, Mr. Michael Price, who has previously managed service centres for Microsoft, the Australian Government, and Aldi Australia. There has also been a significant investment in technology including a new Avaya phone system and new Dell desktops for all staff.

“Our commitment to our customers and the high level of service we provide will only strengthen as our operational synergies begin to align within our brands, and we continue to make progress with important changes such as ISO 27001 certification”, said Mr. Giuffrida.

The group services more than 300,000 Australian businesses, employs 70 local team members, and has revenues exceeding $20M annually. FY19/20 growth came in at 31% (compared to FY18/19 at 14%), with the increase attributed to COVID-19 and successful execution of highly-targeted marketing campaigns.

“Over the past twelve months we have worked to create a new identity that gives us a vehicle to explore other opportunities that have been presented to us, such as capital raising and strong interest in a public listing”, said Mr. Jonstone.

The newly-minted co-CEO’s also teased that some major announcements would be made over the next two weeks.