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Posted: 30th June 2015

Nexigen Digital to acquire IntaServe

Nexigen Digital, the largest independent domain name registrar in Australia, has today announced the acquisition of IntaServe, one of Australia’s longest running domain name registrar and web hosting providers who have been in operation since 2001. Based in Queensland, IntaServe has more than 15,000 customers and more than 45,000 active services.

Nexigen Digital, Chief Executive Officer, Angelo Giuffrida, said the acquisition would pave the way for larger transactions in the future.

“As our largest transaction to date, the acquisition of IntaServe will add more than $1.4M in annualised revenue to our balance sheet and represents another milestone in our history that delivers a strong message to the market that says we are ready and able to make more sizable transactions of this nature going forward”.

“We will also realise immediate cost benefits by transferring the existing customers to our DELL cloud infrastructure and removing most of the existing operational costs from the business”, said Mr. Giuffrida.

After 14 years the IntaServe brand will cease trading as a separate business unit and all existing customers and services will be migrated to VentraIP Australia and the VIPControl customer management interface.

Chief Executive Officer of IntaServe, Jon Eaves, said that customer service and support has always been his primary focus and he is sure that Angelo and his team will ensure this continues.

“The web hosting industry is undergoing a huge consolidation period and it is important that partners and acquirers are carefully chosen to ensure stability and customer retention. We know that the IntaServe customers are in the best hands, and will have a whole new suite of additional products to help grow their businesses”.

Mr Giuffrida has indicated that further acquisitions were in the pipeline and that industry consolidation was well underway.

“In the last three months we have acquired 9web, GoDedicated and now IntaServe, which clearly demonstrates our ability to take on acquisitions big and small”.

The IntaServe acquisition is expected to be completed by June 30, 2015.